tTorrent v1.3.4

SeriesGuide plugin searches for show title and episode number instead of episode title.
Fixed UPnP/NAT-PMP port mapping.
Added automatic port forwarding option for the web interface.
Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1h.
Updated translations.

tTorrent v1.3.3

  Implemented search extension for SeriesGuide.
  Fixed bug with sequential download state when tapping on another torrent on the two pane layout.
  Do not check if selected incoming folder is read-only.
  Not starting app on boot, if there are no torrents queued.
  Updated translations, added Norwegian language.

Price Drop for Pro

Due to huge demand we extended our discount for another 24 hours.
We dropped the price of the PRO version from $4.99 to $0.99

If you always wanted the AD free version, but didn’t want to spend much money on it, this is your chance.
If you use alternate versions of tTorrent PRO, this is your chance to legalize it and receive free updates without hassle in the future.

tTorrent v1.3.2

  Fixed detection of exFAT filesystem.
  Authentication and SSL support for web interface.
  Confirmation when removing/deleting torrents through web interface.
  Show read-only folder note in folder picker dialog.

tTorrent v1.3.1

  List writable external storage directories on KitKat.
  Read-only directories cannot be selected as download location.
  Support for downloading torrents from private sites provided by the search plugin.
  Updated translations.

FAQ Update 2 on KitKat and External SD

Workaround for non-rooted devices:
Create the directory /Android/data/hu.tagsoft.ttorrent.lite or /Android/data/ on the external sdcard, depending on your app version, and select this directory as the save path. Please note that the files downloaded to this location will be removed if you uninstall the app.

Update: From version v1.3.1 the app will create the necessary folder on the external sdcard.

FAQ Update on KitKat and External SD Cards

My device has been upgraded to KitKat, and now I cannot download to my external sdcard. I get a permission denied error. Why? When will you fix it?
This is a problem with Android 4.4, not the app. The KitKat system denies write access to the external sdcard. A workaround exists only for rooted devices. We cannot fix it on our side.
See these links for further information:!msg/android-platform/14VUiIgwUjY/UsxMYwu02z0J
The workaround for rooted devices:

tTorrent v1.3.0

  Web interface, torrents can be managed by a web browser or with Transdroid remotely.
  Navigation drawer for filters, custom label support.
  Improved layout on small tablets.
  Fixed created date on details view.

tTorrent v1.2.4

  Fix FC with completed notification on some devices.
  Always play notification sound when a torrent completes.
  Fixed color of highlight in light theme on tablets.
  Use “tTorrent v1.2.4″ as user agent string.

tTorrent v1.2.3

  Ongoing notification: fixed blinking, expanded style can be switched off.
  Uses own peer id: -tT1230-, will follow version number.
  Fixed downloading RSS feeds from some sites.(like torrentz)
  Verbose error messages in torrent items.